Weekend Video Stills


This weekend Brooks and I went to an auction in Walker.
Underwhelmed we left early, really early, and didn't bid on anything.
On the way back we stopped by the Bass Pro Shop to look at jon boats (which I really want to invest in hopefully sometime soon).
We bought some pistachio fudge and I saw a handful of really big alligator gar.
Today we went to St. Francisville to get a bird bath for my yard.
He bought one yesterday for his yard (I think mine is prettier).
We drove around the downtown a bit.
It was a very quiet and very cozy downtown.
There were so many Live Oaks.
At a little antique store I found a 1948 Roger Tory Peterson Book entitled How to Know the Birds for $3.00 and a huge 560 page 1966 book entitled Birds in Our Lives for $10.00.

Some video stills from the weekend....



Em said...

Just a general shout out to let you know how much I enjoy your photos, and to say thanks for introducing me to Charley Harper.

day-lab Blog said...

Em- Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi. I am so glad to hear you enjoy the photographs... :)
And... so happy to have introduced Charley Harper to you! He is a favorite of mine for sure..probably always will be. :)

Take care-