Quid Pro Quo

From the Hilltop Arboretum this morning.

Pining for a greenhouse..


Emory Smith's old house..



From the Hodge Podge I picked up Texas Blubonnets, Turk's Cap, Amaryllis, Butterfly Bush, Society Garlic, Mystery Crinum, Toad Lily, Firecracker Vine..


Gray lives up there now..



Val Nebbia - singer/songwriter said...

I love the pictures in this entry. I can almost smell the flowers and feel the wet air on my forehead. Thank you for sharing.

jessica said...

gray is simply adorable! what a great perch, lookout tower.

your photographs of the flowers are beautiful. you live in such a nature filled world. wish i did!

day-lab Blog said...

Thank you, Val! :)

Jessica-Gray is too adorable, especially here lately when she is constantly right over my shoulder on her tower chirping and purring and napping and trying to jump on my lap (from the tower)while I am on the computer..she is definitely entertaining. And thank you, glad you like the photos. :)