Photos: Tickfaw

Yesterday I had a birding class field trip to Tickfaw State Park. Since Jane was out of town, it was to be lead by Melanie Driscoll. Some couldn't make it and we waited, but no one else showed up at the meeting place. Lucky for me in a way though b/c I was able to ask all the birding questions I wanted with no interruptions. It was a really nice day out and the park is so beautiful...

Melanie/beginning of first trail...

This snake was nestled in a small tree at eye level. I would have walked right past him, but Melanie happened to notice him as we approached the tree.


Melanie's photo (I very much like the different point of view):


Melanie's photo of flying Northern Parula:

I found a Red Bellied Woodpecker nest hole:


Fantastic day.

And....I finally got an iPod Touch for iBird, which is just amazing:


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Jenn Ski said...

that snake would have creeped me out!