Just Snapshots......


Today I glanced out of the window for about a half a second and noticed this red tailed hawk flying into the yard. I grabbed my camera and was able to get a couple of shots b/f he flew away. He was so beautiful.


Last week, glancing out the same window, I noticed three sleeping raccoons in a tree (they were camouflaged pretty well)..


Last night, I noticed I might be reading too many bird books right now..


My birthday is Thursday..I have no plans, so maybe I will get myself a couple of new non-bird books, hope that it's warm enough to go outside, and read on the swing from late afternoon till sunset. I can't wait till Spring and warm weather.


Samina said...

Couldn't help but be nosy and leave a few suggestions for new non-bird books.

I was Told there'd be Cake by Sloane Crosley

Borrowed Finery by Paula Fox

Beauty Before Comfort by Allison Glock

Cherry by Mary Karr

State By State by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey

Ex-libris by Anne Fadiman

day-lab Blog said...

Oh cool! Thanks so much. :)
I will definitely look them all up.