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It's nice to see some things beginning to bloom (a few Azaleas, Camellias, Paperwhites, Early Pearl..) as the the rest of the color and flowers fade by this time of the year, cold and dark as it is. Seeing some of these reminded me of a few handfuls of bulbs sitting in the refrigerator that I forgot about completely over the past month. I did finally get them in pots and/or the ground this past weekend though.

This week..

The last of the Zinnias are fading.


Outside Paperwhites are just starting to bloom.


One of the tazetta bulbs from Old House Gardens that I potted a while back, is blooming too. Description from their website:

"Nameless but thriving, ‘Early Pearl’ was rediscovered in old gardens of the Southeast’s “Spanish Moss Belt.” Early to bloom and best where summers are hot, it has starry white petals, tiny citron cups that mature to white, and a fresher scent than most tazettas."

This is true, they have a lovely and subtle fragrance.
I have 2 more of these bulbs I just put in the ground this weekend.

Old Camellia from next door....


And so many tiny kinglets, vireos, warblers, etc. hanging around these days..


Dominique Browning wrote a lovely review of several gardening books in yesterdays New York Times, Holiday Books Gardening, which can be found HERE..I really enjoyed reading through it and I already added two of the books she reviews to my wish list:

1.) GARDENS: An Essay on the Human Condition by Robert Poque Harrison. And after reading a few more reviews of this book, I had to add two of his other books to my wish list as well.

2.) Plant-Driven Design: Creating Gardens That Honor Plants, Place, and Spirit by Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden. Considering Scott Ogden's Garden Bulbs for the South is one of my most frequently consulted books (and is kept nearby at all times), I had to add this new book to the list.

Back to work...

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