Friday Freeze


-I just heard on the radio that it is going to freeze tonight (lows in the 20s). It's way too early for this in these parts. To add to the to do list for today: cover and bring in plants that can be moved onto the screened porch.

-Bought paint yesterday.

-Also yesterday: signed up for another CC Lockwood photo workshop, but this time its at the Eagle Expo in Morgan City mid-February. Can't wait.

-My house is full of blooming Paper Whites, and although their fragrance is a bit peculiar, they sure are pretty.

Only problem is that every time a group blooms, Gray feels its necessary to jump up and bite that little blooming cluster off, leaving it on the floor right next to their pots. So, I am filling lots of glasses that are too pretty to drink from with these little displaced clusters and scatter them about the house on windowsills that are out of her reach...


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