The Country


I have been thinking a lot about how much I really would love to move out to the country one day. Everyday I walk outside and hear chainsaws and lawnmowers and people talking and the neighbor's dog barking and cars cars cars and I think, yeah, it really would be nice. Not that there is anything wrong with any of the above things, I just don't want to be so close to them...in earshot. I want to walk outside and not hear anything except the birds. And I have always wanted horses. There are parts of Louisiana where you can still get 4 to 6 acres and an average sized house for much less than I would have ever imagined (my note would probably end up being less than I pay now monthly).

I stumbled across this posting tonight while looking, and it's completely out of my price bracket obviously ($775,000), but for the house plus 90 acres and everything else included that really isn't bad at all, comparatively speaking.

I really love the idea of this place.

-35 miles north of Baton Rouge, 90 acres in the rolling hills of the Felicianas.
-2300 square ft.home built circa 1920 with 11ft. ceilings.
-Porches border 3 sides of the home.


-flocks of turkeys, squirrels, deer etc.
-4 ponds


-Property also features a 2000 sq. ft. metal barn with floored loft on each end.
-Greenhouse (!!!)
-a remote control security gate (which is weird, but kinda nice when I think about it).

View more HERE.

Maybe one day I will come across a miniature version for 1/4 of that price:
a house half the size, maybe 20 acres, only 1 pond, a shed, and a little greenhouse, with a manual gate. I have my hopes up.


DJ said...

I'm with you. My favorite place to live is in a lovely small town, within walking distance of shops, library, etc. and within driving distance of a bigger city.

But, I HATE living as I do now, in a huge, gross, sprawling, strip mall city. Everynight full of loud noises, sirens, neighbors, ugh!

I'd really, really prefer the country to that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. I can't even get a 2 bedroom house (read: shed) for that here in LA. Makes me rethink my location in life.

Thank you for sharing, the look into quiet life made my hectic day.