They Grow Up Fast...


Gray 6/08

Gray 10/08

I think it's safe to assume the fluffy male cat frequenting the yard last year is Gray's dad (the older she gets I notice the resemblance in their features is uncanny)..


Dorian 7/08

Dorian 10/08
His eyes have turned the most beautiful pumpkin orange color..


And....Pearl and Minou..up to no good..10/08



Cranky Grandma said...

How cute...both the kitties and your bedroom. One day! One day my bedroom will look as cozy! :)

Jennifer Park said...

Dorian's eyes are so striking... I have never seen such an eye color on a cat! they are beautiful! also, you should definitely try to find a home for him... does he have his mother or pack? I'm assuming he's probably too big now to follow his mother around.