Storage and Shelves and Boxes

New Project: Working/Office Spaces.

Some inspiring photos of home work spaces I have come across and saved over the past month or so (I think they all come from Apartment Therapy).


Modular Shelving from Atlas Shelving: these feature solid wood components and the metal components are cold-rolled steel. So nice:

And obviously, I am really into the idea of wall mounted shelving (vertical shelving too) right now and wish I had walls and walls of it...probably because I have so little functioning storage space.

So, I have 3 rooms that need major makeovers asap, b/c they are far from functioning as they should and lack so much storage space. There are 5 work spaces that need to be created within these 3 rooms.


1) day-lab stock/packaging room: must take advantage of wall space as possible for shelving/storage. I need fully functioning and inexpensive storage options.

2.) Jewelry Workbench space: need a table, which I have, for a vise and bench pin, Dremel unit, scroll/band saw etc. and also need a decent amount of wall mounted shelving/storage space perhaps above the table.

3.) Sewing space: I think this can be combined with the above jewelry workbench…hopefully. Need storage options for fabric and other sewing things.

4.) Photography space: need shelving/storage space for cameras and ALL negatives/prints (which really need to be catalogued properly). This needs to be easily accessible, organized and mess free, so things can be located quickly.

5.)Computer Work Space and Filing solution for day-lab/work/hobby/research files: self explanatory. My desk is ALWAYS a mess with files. I need a decent shelving unit for file storage. I do have a nice filing cabinet that needs to be emptied and properly organized. Cork board wall, dry erase board/wall, large calander etc also needed to post important notes, dates.


1.)The day-lab Room: currently serves as a stock and packaging room (and until now also a jewelry making/workbench and sewing room). It’s overly crowded and has poor storage options.

2.) The Dressing/Sewing Room: Would like to convert this into the jewelry/sewing room and possibly the photostorage room too. It's a tiny little room, with no closet or door, off of my bedroom. These were popular in older houses and acted as a lady’s dressing room.

3.)The Dining Room/OFFICE: This has never been a dining room to us, it currently houses 2 desks, a couple of computers, printers, file cabinet, and storage unit. This also is poorly set up and offers no functioning storage solutions.

Ikea ideas I have looked at, considered:

Shelving units:

Shelving systems:

Wall mounted systems:

And the boxes seem to me to be the most difficult to find at a reasonable price (I need a lot and they add up fast)...Ikea always has good deals on those:

Table top mini-chest for small parts:


Plain white banker boxes are soooo hard to find (and when you do, they seem a bit pricey for what they are)....


Any links to good storage ideas, inexpensive boxes, stores for this type of stuff, home office pictures etc.?

Post them for me! Please!


Anonymous said...

I just got my order from day lab. Everything is soooo pretty. You have the best stuff here. I will definitely be ordering again.

Also I love reading your blog. :)

day-lab Blog said...


I am happy to hear you loved your order! :)