Airplane Reading


I am back home from my business trip.
It was a really good trip but I am happy to be home.

Before I left the Swamp Sunflowers and Goldenrod down by the lake in the backyard had just started to bloom.

This morning there are hundreds more...need to get some pictures of them en masse..they are wonderful that way.

On the plane I was able to look through 20+ gardening catalogs that I have recently received in the mail and just haven't had the time to look through.

Some favorites from one particular catalog..

This hanging Glass Rooting Vase...


A bit pricey, but I do love these Colorful Garden Hoses...


Would love to have a Rain Barrel!...


And for food scraps a small stainless steel Compost Bin...

And lastly, dreaming every day of a Worm Chalet...


Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

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