Swings+ Paperwhites


Today I potted some Paperwhite bulbs in large glass vases with pebbles and river rocks in order to force them into bloom for a semi-formal party I have coming up next month (these will go on the tables as centerpieces, if all goes well and they bloom in time).

Each bulb has a cluster of blooms and they should fill out like this:


September is the month I usually start looking for patio furniture, swing, and hammock deals since they are usually on sale after summer. Found this $37 swing that is regularly marked $150).

I love it.
And...while I was out on the swing this evening swinging away I noticed directly across the yard a space from one Pecan tree to another that would be the perfect space to hang a hammock:


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lsaspacey said...

Hey, that swing actually isn't that bad. I like the way it blends into its surroundings, color-wise. I just wish "outdoors" to me didn't mean having to walk three flights down, get in my car, and drive somewhere.