Plans + Things to do....


The weather has been gorgeous, cool and breezy and the last of that humid stagnant hot air is on its way out of here finally.

The next few weeks are busy...

I love October.
It's my favorite month and the best time to be out doing things..

I finally bought Photoshop for the new computer, but I need to upgrade my operating system b/f I can install it. So close though to having a fully normal functioning computer. yay.

I found this TAX PLANS chart nicely laid out and confusion free and thought I would post it.

You gotta click here to VIEW it at its normal (readable) size


Have a great weekend.


Hannah said...

Aw NO! I am so jealous. Can't wait to move down there. I love your jewelry by the way! Is there any way I can get them without ordering them off the internet? Do you have a boutique?

day-lab Blog said...

Hi Hannah-
I do not have a store front so currently I am only set up to take orders through the checkout system ayt day-lab.com (it's pretty easy and painless though). :)