Lewis Payne The Zombie


All day long I have been trying to figure out why the picture on this Zombie Anthology looked so familiar.

Clearly he doesn't look like someone I know...and all day it's been driving me crazy..trying to figure it out.

I had almost concluded that his hair must remind me of Cillian Murphy's hair (in the beginning when it's all hacked up) and/or cheek bones in the zombie movie 28 Days Later...

But then it hit me...
The picture of Lewis Thornton Powell (AKA Lewis Payne), one of the conspirators of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, at the Washington Navy Yard after his arrest:

Flip it...and there you have it:

Hm, I bet he would have never believed that over 100 years after his death a photograph of his face would be altered to resemble a zombie and then featured on the cover of book in the 21st century.

So bizarre.....


lsaspacey said...

Wow, excellent detective work!

I hope they gave credit to the original photo in the book though.

Pencils said...

It's amazing that you recognized that! And even more amazing that you remembered wehre it was from.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! I would imagine that you are one of only two or three people on the planet who would have seen that!