GUSTAV Hurricane: delays


Just a quick note to address Hurricane Gustav.

I have been keeping track of Gustav over:


Baton Rouge has announced school closings for Tuesday Sept. 2, 2008. So I am going to assume, at this point, that mail won't be passing that day either. I won't be shipping anything out today (and Monday is Labor Day), but will resume shipping as soon as possible (hopefully Wednesday if all that good stuff that keeps day-lab going daily is properly in place by then, should we happen to lose electricity etc)..

Those of you in Gustav's path, please be safe over the next few days and take care of you and yours~

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Lillian said...

I thought of you the moment I saw the news re Gustav on TV today... Hope everything will be OK!!

Also, pics from the new camera are grea! The pic from you and Gray look like they are from a professional shooting.

Take care!!