D300 Test Shots

This morning I took some test shots with the D300. I haven't changed any settings yet, just took it out the box, put the battery pack in and the SanDisk and just set the lens to Manual.

I noticed a couple of things immediately.

1.)The camera itself is heavy, and with the lens on it is really heavy. I am not accustomed to this anymore and it was hard to focus, b/c my hands would shake from the weight and then things would be out of focus. I will get used to it again though, I am sure.

2.)Also, just looking at these 'for web' low res shots you can't tell much difference from my other digital, but when you see the images enlarged the differences are amazing. There is a great deal less noise and the D300 should produce images that will print amazingly well. So, I am excited about that.

Gray was very interested in the new box with all the fun new things it contained, like wires and plastic bags and cardboard pieces. She tried several times to get her paws on it (unsuccessfully however).


Very first picture I took (of Farrah).
I had trouble with focusing here a bit.

But even with the heavy weight making my hands shaky, closer up it isn't so bad:


Second picture and a crop of it.
Amazed with the selective focus/depth of field.


A couple more.
These haven't been edited, except for sizing and cropping, and I am delighted at how little editing (color-wise, level-wise) these seem to need.


All this Gustav talk is kinda stressing me out..
Need to get as much day-lab work done as possible, tomorrow and Friday, just in case...

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