Reupholstering Everything....


This morning the upholstery lady came to pick up the couch cushions and to look at a couple other chairs I was interested in getting some things done to.

We decided to use the gray (darker) fabric for the couch...

And the black, gray, white nubby weave for new cushions covers for the lounge chair...

Lounge chair with its original brown nubby cushions:


I showed her the Eero Saarinen executive chair, which has a rip at a seam and is why no one is allowed to sit in it. I didn't know if it was real leather or not or if I wanted to reupholster it (I like the idea of leaving the leather, even if I am not a huge fan of it, if it is in good enough condition and can be mended). So, she said it was leather and thought I should just have it fixed. So we unscrewed the seat and she took it along with the cushions.

It is the brown the chair on the right:


I hope everything comes out o.k.
I am getting no piping, with seam lines instead.
I made a point to show her pictures of boxy, non-overly fluffy cushions.
I fear huge fat overly fluffy, rounded cushions.


Pencils said...

They would look dreadful with fluffy cushions. Just terrible. So I hope it all works out!

lindsey kathlene said...

would it be rude to ask about how much the individual pieces are going to cost to have redone?

day-lab Blog said...


Nope, it's not rude at all. :)
The two big cushion covers for the couch (with zippers) are going to run right under $200, for both. The two cushions for the lounge chair is $75, for both. The repair on the Eero chair (and a little new cushioning that is needed on the seat) is $35.