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Wednesday night I, once again, pulled a muscle in my back/chest and woke up feeling like I needed to go to a chiropractor. I say chest b/c it was right near my heart and felt a lot like Pleurisy. But, I worked anyway on Thursday, making it a bit worse. I rested Friday and Saturday and was more or less useless. Today I feel back to normal, and will be tending to emails/orders etc for the rest of the day/night. I apologize for any delays.

While my back was out, I made a lot of lists and organized them into a new binder with little tabbed section dividers. I read a lot of jewelry books and put together an order of jewelry supplies from the Rio Grande catalog so I can work on things at home. This is my first attempt from class. I traced a bird template onto a copper sheet, hand cut it and the brass back piece, then filed them down a bit. Lastly, I dropped them in some liver of sulfur, riveted them together and there you have it:


I also borrowed my daughters markers, crayons, and water colors and sketched some drawings and ideas for the color scheme and furniture/wall-decor placement for the new Living Room, which I will be working soon:


After their last Sunday escape, Farrah and the babies stayed away for a couple days. Then Farrah returned by herself for a day, and by Thursday this was the morning scene on the back porch:

I need to make appointments Monday then try to trap again.

Sufjan did well last Sunday. When we picked him up he was so drugged he couldn't walk at all, so we kept him in the crate for a few hours. But after that he was fine. He has been sleeping indoors at night, just so we can keep an eye on him to make sure everything with the surgery went alright. He enjoys a little quality time with me and a cup of coffee in the mornings...

Then he likes to play footsie under the door with the other cats before he goes back outside for the day..


My yard is such a mess these days..overgrown and weedy. It's been too hot and I have been too busy. But here are some pretty flowers from the yard I noticed this past week:

First Princess Flower bloom:

Tuberose, the best fragrance in the yard:


Moon Flower:


A few months ago I gave my daughter's teacher, who lives in my neighborhood, six 2 inch tall Moon Flower seedlings of mine. This past week I noticed they have finally climbed his arbor completely and he seems to get more blooms than I do from my Moon Flower vine:

He also lives in one of my favorite 1920s houses in the neighborhood, and I think the Moon Flowers complement it so well..


To play catch up I go...

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lsaspacey said...

Wow, the kittens are really growing up, they look so different but still utter cuteness. Good luck on trapping them again.