Mid Week Things...


The appointment with a Cat Haven Vet has been made for Farrah, Dorian, and Gray to be fixed next Tuesday. Crossing my fingers I can get them all caught and in crates by 7 that morning.

Cat Developments:
-I think Gray is female and Dorian is male.
-Last week Farrah started to let me pet her. Just out of the blue one day as she watched me pet Sufi, she walked over and nudged my hand for a pet. She still hisses a lot and is still very jumpy, but this is progress.
-Once Gray saw Farrah being petted, she wanted to be petted too. She still won't let me pick her up, but she is easy to put to sleep with a few little pets.
-Dorian still keeps a big distance from me.

Sufi and Gray have become play buddies. It started with Gray watching/admiring Sufi..then imitating Sufi..and now they chase each other and explore together...it's a little too cute:


The other babies in the yard are getting so big...


There are so many butterflies that frequent the Garage Bed..

We have a tiny little hummingbird family now too who stop by often as well..


The Clematis are starting to bloom...

And some more mystery plants in the front...


Between 7 and 8 pm every night we have herons, egrets, kites, swallows etc flying overhead in fairly large amounts..


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