Inspiration = Motivation


Yesterday at an antique shop I found a rocking chair for under $50, and I have been looking for one more (about to start refinishing another one). It reminded me of the Danish cord weave chairs of Hans Wegner that I have always admired.

So, not able to pass it up at that price, I went ahead and bought it.
I just picked it up today..

It's so comfortable and for now it is going in my bedroom.

It's been raining off and on all day.

Not sure if it's allergies/sinuses, but I have been feeling a bit under the weather today and had to take it easy from this afternoon on...

Trying to recharge while looking through some old magazine for some inspiration (read: motivation) for the living room, which I think I am going to repaint, rearrange, do over (since I am close to actually having a finished couch and chairs here very soon).

Old magazines are great for under the weather days I should add. Not just for the good articles and pictures you find, but they have a lot of entertaining ads as well...



Pencils said...

I want a vibrating chair. For, um, "health" reasons. Yeah, that's it. For health. And for "relieving tension."

I'm very jealous of your new rocking chair, I would have bought that in a second. I have nowhere to put it, but that's a mere detail.

Jessica said...

you always find the greatest stuff at thrift/antique stores - it's amazing! i hope some of your luck rubs off on me :) i'm looking forward to reading about the living room project!

Duke said...

looking for that exact chair for years. Wanna sell it??

day-lab Blog said...


No, I am not interested in selling.


Duke said...
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