Bentwood Rocker: New Project


Growing up my favorite piece of furniture in our house was a Thonet style rocking chair, but instead of the bentwood, the frame was a chrome plated tubular steel. The oval back and seat frame was a lacquered black and the caning on the back and seat was a light blonde color. It was my favorite, not because it was a neat design, but because as children we would flip it over and jump and stand and climb all over the steel frame and for some reason this was endlessly entertaining.

I can not find a picture of one online anywhere and I have been searching for months...
It was very similar to the top right hand corner, except the frame was the chrome steel, as shown on the chair in the top left hand corner:


I have a vague memory of it sitting out on the side of the road, with all the other "trash", when we moved into our new house in the early 1990s..and according to my parents it is in fact very much gone. I have been on the lookout for something similar for awhile now. A few months ago I came across a not so great quality knock off of one of these bentwood rockers for $10, and even though the back and seat were upholstered in something faux-furry like a teddy bear, and not caned..and even though the wood was covered in an awful overly glossy purpley finish, I picked it up anyway determined to do something right to it:


I am stumped a bit with the furry stuff...not sure how to get it out of the frame (wish me luck).

When and if I do, I hope I can cane the the back and seat with something from Constantine's like these:

....and then there is the refinishing of the bentwood. Still not sure how tough that finish will be to remove (wish me luck).

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Carol said...

I bought exactly what you are talking about at a yard sale.

I might be able to find its pieces.