Yard Critters...

Some recent yard critters I have been seeing over the past week...

Farrah, the feral woodlands cat (she's been around a few months now)

10 second video of Farrah, who doesn't let me get any closer than about 5 feet from her:

Feral Cat-Farrah from Amy on Vimeo.

Some Gulf Coast Box Turtles, who have been raiding Farrah's left over food this week.


And the raccoon who has also been raiding Farrah's leftovers...


Bumble bee on a Walking Iris


A group of Romalea guttata (Devil's Horse or Lubber Grasshopper) nymphs.
These get to be about 6" in length and are some of the most alarming looking insects to come across in the yard during the summer.

A video of the nymphs:

Devil's Horse from Amy on Vimeo.

White moth on a fern

One of the many dragonflies in the yard.
They eat mosquitoes and keep the yard population down.


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