Mother's Day on River Road


Happy belated Mama's Day to all the moms...

My daughter surprised me with a huge cookbook put together by her entire grade at school, each child contributing a family recipe.

She also gave my this fantastic #1 Mom Trophy, which now graces my nightstand:


We also traveled down the River Road for a bit.

I finally saw the Ashland/Belle Helene Plantation Home (from the road, it's not open to the public and is currently owned by Shell).

In Richard Sexton's photograph you can see it's placement on River Road and Shell's operations surrounding it:

But...when you are there looking at it through the fence, you would never know the refinery was so close:


We also stopped at St. Gabriel Catholic Church (also not open to the public), which is one of the oldest churches in Louisiana (circa around 1761).

But, I noticed this missing door knob around the back of the church and got a neat shot inside...


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