BBQ + Bobcat


The past few days have been incredibly hot, but the tress have all leafed out now in the backyard, so it's not unbearable with the shade.

So, yesterday we decided to try out some grilling on the new grill that my fine neighbor gave me recently when he decided to upgrade. I have never grilled anything really, and some things were charred (see photo: I was too impatient and put them on too soon) but the rest turned out o.k. thankfully.

I think next time I want to try the veggie baskets, instead of the tray and kabobs.

I have been working non-stop on lots of day-lab things this week. So I don't lose my mind from being couped up all day I take little breaks to feed the birds, check the plants outside etc. This afternoon, on a little break, I ran into the Raccoon, as usual, at the bird feeder. I have been trying to scare her off with loud noises all week. She's been a bit aggressive with Farrah and has a rash on her back that is worrying me. She is beyond brave and not bothered by me at all, until I strike the hammer on the iron railing of the porch. But everyday, she seems less and less affected by it.

After running her off, a new visitor (a spotted tabby) stopped by for dinner.
Pearl, Minou, and Cleo watched him from the screened porch and whined while I noticed his ear markings, deep set eyes, and long/broad muzzle...all of which reminded me of a Bobcat.

Our visitor, the spotted tabby cat:

A couple of Bobcats:


He was friendly and well behaved.
He was a bit thin, but muscular and looked to be in good health with such a pretty coat.

After he ate he took a nap under the Magnolia tree.

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