Neomarica gracilis

Sunday morning APRIL 6th, after waking up and walking out into the second story landing, I glanced out the window and saw something blooming in the Magnolia Bed that hadn't been there the day before. It was at a distance and I couldn't be completely sure, but I thought it had to be the Walking Irises I have been watching like a hawk this week. I squealed, ran downstairs and out the back door to find 7 Neomarica gracilis blooming.

I had been thinking they were going to be the yellow variety Neomarcia longifolia, but instead they ended up being what I had hoped for all year long, Neomarica gracilis.

These are quite possibly the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in person. Part of that feeling could come from the fact that I waited so long to see what would bloom from the the little fans of foliage I cared for all year long. Regardless, they are amazing and have the most wonderfully subtle fragrance, which reminds me of clean sheets.

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Pencils said...

Those are very beautiful. And a little alien-looking. Which makes them more beautiful!