Pearl's Own Place

So, as I last posted HERE Pearl had taken over poor Minou's special little soft bed by the window.

In noticing how much she enjoyed playing and resting in my daughter's hamper, we decided to buy her one of her own (hoping it would keep her out of Minou's bed).

It kind of worked. It makes her a little wired sometimes and she gets crazy wide eyed and dives into it after running down the stairs at full speed then attacks her toy while rolling and turning herself and the hamper over and over again throughout the foyer. But, she also likes to rest in it and enjoys being carried upstairs and downstairs while inside of it too.

I think she thinks she is invisible while in the hamper.


And over the past few days she has taken a strong liking to the box by my printer. This has become her special little box bed by the printer which keeps her out of Minou's little bed by the window, and we all hope it stays that way for awhile.



Cranky Grandma said...

Is this the cat you rescued?

Or, am I thinking of a totally different blogger? :)

day-lab Blog said...

Yes, all of our cats have been rescued. :) I think this one came straight out of the Russian/Siberian Forests though....