Backyard 03.01.08


Saturday 03.01.08
Tulip, Camellia, Lichens, Clovers




DeerDominique said...

Amy, have you thought about selling your photos? Like on Etsy perhaps? Seriously...all these are fantastic and the lichen are amazing. (We have a foot bridge over a creek from our barnyard to our house that is covered with lichen):)
The Luna moth is amazing, I've never seen one in "real" life. I have an old back issue of the Herb Companion that has a "Moonlight Garden" segment that I would love to send to you. If you are interested, please let me know!

day-lab Blog said...


Back when I was in school (for photography) I did sell some of my prints for a year or so off and on (that was before etsy though). :)

I have thought about making some framed prints of Louisiana plants and trees etc. and selling them through day-lab. I still have an amazing scanner for 35mm negatives too, may as well put it to use if I can.

I would love to see the Moonlight Garden segment. You can email me: info@day-lab.com and tell me more about it if you want!