Yesterday's Photographs


From yesterday:

Feeding the turtles at the Lake.

Turtle Parade

Eastern River Cooter

Young Common Musk

Unidentified and baby Common Musk


I was stalked by this fantastic Green Heron.
He quietly "hid" among the Elephant Ears and spied on me for a while.
Then he finally flew to this branch about 3 feet in front of me and watched me curiously until I left to go back inside.

When he would elongate his neck he would show his green mohawk.
I wish I had been able to catch that, but my battery ran out right after this shot.


From last week at the Lake:

Juvenile White Ibis

Night Heron, Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret


I discovered this Edy's Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream (available for a limited time only) this week and it is delicious.



Pencils said...

I love your wildlife photographs.

We get night herons around here--first time we ever saw one we had no idea what it was, it was walking along in the creek on my sister's property. Looked like a penguin to us. What I usually see are brownish herons of which I'm not sure of the species, egrets and the occasional great white egret, and, of course, blue herons. I love them. One almost made me crash my car once--he suddenly decided to fly from a creek at the side of the highway to the drainage ditch on the other side. Directly in front of my car. Looked like a small plane was coming in for a landing! I was a bit shocked. Nothing bad happened, though.

I see herons early in the morning when I'm running, but I hate to bring my camera with me in case I drop it, or worse, completely forget about my run!

day-lab Blog said...

Neat. :)

And the Night Heron does look like a penguin! Have you ever hear them at night? For two weeks straight I thought there was a either a puppy outside my two story window (which would be impossible) or some bizarre Pica/Dog hybrid was frequenting the trees. Then I found out it was the Night Heron waking me up at 2 a.m., not a arboreal Pica/Dog hybrid. It is the weirdest sounding call that they make.

We mainly have Egrets too...Snowy and Great White. There is a juvenile Blue Heron who hangs out every day in the tree by the lake. They are one of my favorite.