Reluctant Sun


It rained a lot this past week.
Parts of the yard held water a bit too long.
I pulled my back while packaging (which seems ridiculous, but it really happened) Thursday night, rendering me useless Friday. The pain shot up through my arm and into my neck making me think it might have been a pinched nerve.


The sun came out yesterday finally and started to dry out the yard.
My back felt better and I bought a Reel Lawn Mower and mowed the front lawn.
Now, if I could only get the motivation to start all the work inside the house.


February is almost over and the Wood Ducks are looking for nesting sites by the lake. I suppose this means Spring is really almost here.
I can't wait!

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DeerDominique said...

Beautiful pictures yet again. I LOVE the Iris and the bare trees. Sorry to hear you hurt your back, I know how frustrating that can be. I've spent the last three months slipping 3 discs in my lower back. Nothing saps your confidence like a major body failing. I'm loving on your hat and your puffy jacket sleeves.
I'm really looking forward to all of your spring in LA photos, you really capture the romance of your surrounding.
Be well.