Porches, Barking Dogs + Time

I am anxious for Spring to be here. The mornings are still cold and I do not like them. Noon is nice. If you stand in a sunny place for a minute, it almost feels like summer.

This week, I spent $11 on a 96" wide screen for the back porch to keep Scout from seeing us and the cats when we are out there. Scout is the nervous and not so nice dog next door who runs directly to his little spot next to my porch the minute his owners let him out. From this vantage point he barks incessantly at us until his owner (in an attempt to get him back inside and quiet) yells, "Come on, Scout, come get a treat!". Therefore, Scout has learned that when he barks incessantly at us, he gets a treat. I would like to leave the owners a note, explaining this, but instead opted for the $11 screen.


The Scout Screen:

I am not sure Pearl likes it since she can't see all around from the ladder back chairs, but I love it.

I have been keeping cut Camellias in the kitchen.
There are so many outside right now.


The porch has been filled with Oleander, Rosemary, Lavender, Hyacinth, Muscari, Irises, Caladium Bulbs, and Mystery Bulbs.


Muscari, Hyacinth, and Trillium in the yard are starting to bloom.


By February I was expecting so many more projects to be done, day-lab's new site to be up and running, the day-lab room to be completely overhauled with grid wall organization and a new stock number system, and Quickbooks updated and being used daily.

I am behind. The thing with running your own little business is that you can get stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to do X, Y, and Z to get to a point where things run more efficiently, but are only able to devote X% of your time to that endeavor because you have to keep things running all around (home and business). Then, it never really happens and you are stuck fighting time till you realize it's already next year.

I am trying to get a week ahead, so I will have 4 days to devote to all of the above. It's plausible just tiring, and it has to get started and finished.

I have a busy month ahead of me.


DeerDominique said...

Look at all your beautiful flowers! Your photos have been amazing as of late. Good luck with the organization type stuff, I'm sure it was just that flu keeping you down.

day-lab Blog said...


Thank you! And YES, that horrid Flu did set me back quite a bit. It just threw me off completely. :/

Ah well, I am almost a week ahead now, so I am sure it will all balance itself out soon.