Happy V Day + Early End Week....

1.) Happy Valentine's Day.
Hope those of you who celebrate it, enjoy it.

2.) I am officially over the Flu, finally.

3.) This morning in the backyard:

Our one eyed squirrel friend, I so creatively named Blindy:

Cardinals and songbirds galore:

More Goldfinches:


4.) This week at the house:

Minou is obsessed with this too small bed that was once Cleo's.
She tries hard to look comfortable, but I think she just can't really be:


Pearl is doing well.
And...Cleo is doing really well thanks to Feliway.
Clomicalm was a disaster (more on that later).


5.)I am about to start running around and trying to get things finished up here b/f we leave for the Eagle Expo tomorrow afternoon (I will be Out of the Office tomorrow).

Aside from the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp tour with Cajun Jack, there will be these lectures that I hope to attend at least three of:

-"An Overview of the American Bald Eagle in Louisiana"
Tom Hess, Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries

-"Bald Eagles: A Great Recovery That Started in the Northwest"
David Hancock, Hancock Wildlife Foundation

-"The Birds of the Atchafalaya Basin"
Bill Fontenot, Lafayette Nature Station

-"Bald Eagles and NW Natives"
David Hancock, Hancock Wildlife Foundation

6.) And lastly...an audiobook recommendation:

While I do day-lab work during the day, I started listening to audiobooks.
Most recent and really enjoying:

Me Talk Pretty One Day
by David Sedaris

Have a great weekend...


Alicia said...

Have a great trip, it sounds awesome! I wish I had embraced La (history/culture) more when I lived there...are you a "birder"?

day-lab Blog said...


since i just realized how behind i got from being sick last week, so we might not be going now...well, maybe not till saturday..and if i can't get some work things done by then, maybe not at all :(

i'm a wannabe birder i think. i have a lot to learn. my dad has some old retired ham radio operator friends who are true birders. he's been talking to them for me..asking questions..about binoculars and scopes and good places to go for bird-watching etc.

p.s. come visit! you and the fam can stay with us!!

Pencils said...

A lot has been going on lately so I haven't been on your blog in a few weeks (computer died, new laptop, found out I was pregnant.) Anyway, it's lovely to see your photos of early spring when we're still stuck up here in winter in NY. There's a few bulbs just coming up, and I saw some snowdrops in a garden tended by the local historical society. I love your photo recording of your garden and the area around your house. Thanks for posting them!

day-lab Blog said...


ow, congrats on the pregnancy! How exciting.. :)

I love seeing all the bulbs popping up around here...I can't wait till Spring and warmer temperatures. I am sooooo ready for winter to be over!