Drapes + Canon G9


I am still trying to get caught up from the holidays (both work and daily life wise). Almost there I think. Then, next week it is Quickbooks and Taxes. I haven't had any free time lately to work on anything major (like the staining of my chair frame), but I did get one pair of drapes up in my room, and further progress in this room is good no matter how slowly it goes.

A couple before pictures:

The drapes up close:

During the day...The corner is where the Tuuli fabric chair will goes once I am finished with it:


And a couple more shot at night, after deciding that the lamp that had no place should go there.. (plus a substitute chair in the corner):


Also a couple more night pictures, so they are kind of wonky..

But, I hung the second old cottage shelf (that we saved from the trash and repainted) up in my room successfully:


And I cleaned up the dresser as best I could without using any chemicals. I think it may soon need to be professionally cleaned...maybe with some attention to the finish:


And, I found this lovely framed embroidery piece at goodwill last week for $3.99. It will go in my bedroom:


Also this week, I finally bought the new day-lab work digital camera. I had decided on the Canon G7 months ago, but when I finally had the funds ready to go the G9 had replaced it.

I did not want an SLR for a work camera, and this little Canon has lots and lots of manual features and accessory add-ons that make it easier to control, which is exactly what I did want.

I haven't had any time to really play with it yet, but did mess around with it a bit the other day. I am amazed by the consistency in color and how good the color looks straight from the camera. My other camera was horrible with color and each picture had to be put in Photoshop to adjust levels, curves, hue and color balance. It was such a pain, and they never looked that great afterwards either.

Below are the only pictures I have taken thus far with the G9. They were taken in relatively low light (just natural light from the open windows), which my other camera could have never handled. I did not alter the color at all, just sized them down. The color is close to spot on without any altering:

I am happy with it so far, and can't wait to actually learn how to work it and have the proper settings on.

Back to work for me.
I hope you all have a nice weekend.


Libby said...

Your bedroom looks so good! I especially love that little shelf and the color on the walls.

deerdominique said...

That guest room(?) is comfortably elegant. I am insanely jealous of your deer figurine collection. I have scoured and scoured thrift stores and garage sales, etc...no deer. I do have a few, but your collection is so cohesive.
I wanted to give thanks to you for the Abebooks mention (whenever that was) They have just about every book that I have searched for and the prices! Yay. I have yet to buy, but I will!

R. M. said...

The room is so adorable! I love your taste. Did you paint the bed frame yellow?

day-lab Blog said...


yes, i did paint the bed yellow (I had some left over paint from a lamp painting project). I like it 200% better yellow too. :)