Back From Business...


I have been out of town this past week on business. Just got back Sunday.
My daughter came with me this time and we got to run through 3 states and a bit of snow (which we never get to see down here in Louisiana), New England architecture and trees (which feel so different than that of the South's)...


The little rocky shores and villages and stone walls (which I am enamored with completely)...

And as beautiful as it all was, I must admit I do not like the cold cold weather. I become a whining baby and have a hard time focusing on anything other than how cold my nose, hands, and ears are (and how dark it gets by 4:30 pm...gray and dark and gloomy).

I may end up being a permanent fixture down here in the coastal south after all (at least during the winter months).

So, now I am back home and back to work today. I have been catching up on email and printing shipping labels. Plan a little update by tonight/tomorrow, so check back soon.

(Oh, and whoever said cats aren't as happy to see you as dogs are when you come home from being away is wrong. Pearl hasn't left my side since I walked in the door yesterday evening...)



lindsey said...

some of those pictures (0812 and 0817 especially) remind me how i used to visualize "witch of blackbird pond"...did you ever read it as a kid? lovely, in a very melancholy way.

totally true about the cat. dharma does that too.

day-lab Blog said...


Yes, the New England area/architecture (well, at least a lot of it) totally reminds me of "Witch of Blackbird Pond". :) My daughter and I kept commenting on how "witchy" this and that looked...

A lot of the houses also look like what I would have imagined Stevie Nicks would have lived in (back in the early Fleetwood Mac days)...for some reason.


Pencils said...

Wonderful photos. I love the beach in winter. The colors of the bracken are much more subtle, but the ocean itself, on a sunny day, achieves brilliant shades of blue it never does in the summer.

You get used to the cold after a while and just don't think about it much anymore. What I hate is the dryness--I'm very tired of rubbing every lotion on the market on my poor hands!

And it's very true about cats. Agatha actually rubbed against my and my husband's legs after we returned from our honeymoon. Normally, she never does that except when we're dishing out her wet food.