Tuuli Fabric Chair Progress + A Lamp


Just posted this over at day-lab DIY and thought I would post here too... :)

Well, tonight I was able to get a little work done on one of the 1970 $3.00 garage sale chairs.

Before.This picture is from the day I bought them:


During. Taking the old fabric off:


Progress. I am very happy with the results thus far with this fabric...very happy with the choice.

With the new stuffing/batting and fabric:

And I just noticed there are little birds in the trees, a nice surprise detail:

Now, I can devote my next block of free time to working on the wood frame. I am almost done with the sanding, then I need to decide what to do for the finish/stain etc.

Also, my daughter has been waiting for a new lamp for her bedroom for a while now. She wanted it black and white to match one of the many fabrics we used in her room, if possible.

So, today I started with an old broken IKEA lamp with a dirty shade. Of course, it wasn't really broken, and just needed to be rewired. So, I bought a $7.00 lamp rewiring kit and before rewiring, we painted the base black (I think it would have looked great green, but she insisted on black)..and then using a little left over fabric, fabric glue, adhesive spray, and some of that instant iron-a-hem tape, we had a brand new working lamp for her nightstand:

Before and after:



amy said...

where, oh where did you get that lovely B&W fabric for the chairs? it's wonderful!!

day-lab Blog said...

It's Tuuli by Marimekko. I bought mine at finnstyle.com


Elsa said...

Two years later (almost to the day), I read this with great interest: my sister is passing on to me a pair of these chairs!

They'll need recovering and some oiling, and I was wondering how big a project it would be. You make it look very doable!

My parents bought them before I was born, so I have vivid memories of climbing on, around, and under the chairs. Though I haven't set eyes on them in a couple of decades, it was easy to recognize the lines (and especially the distinctive space between cushions, where the cat's tail would poke out when he was lounging) from your photos.