Pearl + Surgery


Little Pearl has to go to the vet tomorrow for some minor surgery. She's getting spayed. I am a nervous wreck over this for some reason.

I also keep accidentally referring to her as 'Bailey' when talking about this procedure. For instance I will say, "Tomorrow, Bailey has to be at the vet no later than 8 a.m."

I suppose it's just bringing up all kinds of past things or something...

Minou has an appointment tomorrow too, but just a checkup.

I have an appointment too (but not at the Vet of course) so I will be out of the office all day, and will be returning emails in the evening.

Keep Pearl in your thoughts..



Pencils said...

Pearl is such a remarkably pretty cat. I understand how you feel, I felt the same way when we took Agatha, my first cat, to be spayed last year. (She's not tiny though, she's a moose of a Maine Coon.) I'm sure Pearl will be fine. When Agatha came home the next day, she was still pretty dopey and slept for most of the following day. I'll keep Pearl in my thoughts tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

day-lab Blog said...


Thank you!

I am sure she will be O.K., and I will definitely let you all know how she does. I am just such a Nervous Nelly about things like this. :/

P.S. I love Maine Coon Cats. Actually, there are a long time favorite of mine (the paws!).