Porches, Acrobats, and Birds


This past week was one too overwhelming for what we, as humans, should probably be subjected too all that often. You know, the kind that cause early heart attacks, mental distress, anxiety disorders, and the like. Sometimes though, it takes a week like this to make me realize I need a break from time to time, in order to avoid the health issues just mentioned. And so, that's what I did.

Saturday is the day I set aside for myself to do what I want to do more than what I need to do. And this Saturday, serious work in the garden/yard was too much on the needy side, so instead I started very slowly taking the two $3.00 1970 chairs apart, getting them ready for new fabric and a new finish.

I started sanding the frame and have narrowed it down to a couple of fabrics that I hope to order soon.

During this project, I realized this left me with barely any comfortable seating out on the screened in porch. So, I picked up an older not so cute, but pretty comfortable and rather appropriate, wicker porch couch from my parents. I cleaned off the porch and set it out there with a blanket and a table nearby for the book I am currently reading and a few catalogs and magazines.

When the weather is nice and I allow myself the time, I want to do nothing more than be outside on the porch reading, dozing off every now and then, and watching Minou and Pearl, who I find endlessly entertaining in their interactions with one another. They play fight, stalk each other, chase each other. Pearl has become quite the acrobat on my three ladder back chairs, which all have a temporary home on the porch while awaiting new paint jobs.

And so Saturday on the porch, I watch Pearl's clumsy, yet daring and terribly impressive, acrobatics as she begins from the wicker couch, continues through all three ladder back chairs and ends at the plant stand (also awaiting new paint). I watch Pearl and Minou stalk from the porch the birds I have probably been overfeeding over the past week. I read my book. I doze off. I flip through catalogs. I eat too much leftover Halloween candy and drink an overpriced, yet delicious, cold little glass bottle of Coke. I relax because I need to relax.


Even anti-social Cleo joined us for a bit.


I also set up three new bird feeders and my loyal birds from other parts of the yard were quick to show up and were followed by some new attendees.

Those who made an appearance:

Red Winged Black Birds:

Bullying Blue Jays and Tufted Titmouse:

Lots and lots of Cardinals:

Gray Catbirds and Carolina Chickadees (my favorite)


This weekend was so nice in the end..and I am glad I allowed myself to enjoy it after all, instead of worrying and worrying, which never does a bit of good anyway.

Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend as well.


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