Birds, Bedroom, Pearl's Bed


Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving Holiday. I am taking it easy this morning and catching up on domestic things, but must get back to work this evening (the holidays can get crazy fast,and I can't get behind).

This past week, I was able to get a few new things done for my bedroom.

I finally have the Duvet cover I am been coveting for months now. I even love it with my current bed, which will eventually get swapped out for the 1930s burled head board. I think the duvet will work well with that as well, thankfully..

Chinoiserie by Dwell (www.dwellshop.com)


My bed...


And I hung my white duck and favorite parakeet print..


Now, I just need some colorful pillow shams (thinking blue-turquoise or green perhaps)..and some more embroidered accent pillows in different shapes.

And my daughter took these pictures the other day of Pearl taking over her American Doll Samantha's bed. They are ridiculous and I love how perfect a fit the bed is for her...


Happy Thanksgiving.



Nyssa said...

Pearl is too cute! My cat used to do that with my american girl doll bed too.

Molly said...

Cute cat and pretty bedroom! A couple of days ago, I saw a calendar of bird prints like the parakeet one in a Ft. Collins, CO boutique. It was such a crime to not buy it!

swirlogirl said...