Reaquainted 35 mm SLR


So, I have been needing a new digital for day-lab. It just hasn't been in the budget for some time, and probably won't be for some time. What I have now is o.k. for product photos but, I have gotten to a point where I use the not-so-great-digital for everything now. It's not only that the pictures are not so great but, I never seem to send the images off to get printed..and I miss real tangible photographs..and putting them in photo albums..and knowing they are there.

So, I pulled the old 35 mm SLR out of the closet...literally dusted it off, and loaded it with some 2 year old film.

The other day when I took digital photos of the house, I brought the 35mm SLR along and just shot the film, mainly to see if the camera still worked o.k. (which it does, thank goodness).

And it was so so nice to pick up the pictures...and be able to hold them, to have them. I was so excited I actually shot 2 more rolls of film today...of just things. It was like I forgot what it was like to look through a camera and couldn't get enough of it, only stopping when I ran out of film.

Now, I realize just how much I miss some good depth of field/selective focus in a photograph (which is impossible with my digital point and shoot). :)

Some of the test pictures from the first roll below...

Old dining room wallpaper:




Living room:


The huge Pterodactyl that flies over my house every evening from the lake:


Spider Lily in back yard:


Mobile in dining room:



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