Just a few photographs from Longwood in Natchez. It was started in 1860 and never finished, due to the war, which brought on the eventual bankruptcy of the builder.

Read more about it HERE, which includes links to other sites on Longwood.




Robin said...

Hurrah! You are about 4 blocks from my grandparents' house up on Lower Woodville Rd. Make sure to check out Monmouth, Edgewood, and the Briars while you're there. If you want classic Southern food, eat Sunday lunch at the Carriage House, and if you want good antique shopping, go to Hal Garner's. Enjoy!

day-lab Blog said...


I am already home (in Baton Rouge, LA). We are only about 2 hours from Natchez and went up this weekend for a couple days as a "visit family friends/see some houses while we are there" type of visit. I do love Natchez, it is a great little town. :)