Hilltop Plants + Natchez Pilgrimage


Today is work work work. If I get all that done and if I am successful in bribing my daughter to tag along with me sans whining, I will be able to go to the LSU Hilltop Arboretum Fall Plant Fest Saturday morning.

This is a long awaited event for me. And the story alone of Hilltop is just wonderful:

"I wish to be a good custodian. May the Small part of nature under my control be the better because of the way in which I have used it." Emory Smith

Hilltop has a magical story to tell, a story of how Mr. and Mrs. Emory Smith sought and found peace, joy, and their own tender understanding of life. They developed and enriched their surroundings, then shared this lovely gift that became a sanctuary for wildlife, children, and for grownups, too.

Mr. Smith wanted to share his sanctuary and make it a place where "those whose load has become too heavy might work and feel the healing touch of Nature, a world full of enchantment, full of beauty and poetry." In his ninetieth year, he gave 14 acres of his property to Louisiana State University to be used as a teaching tool in the LSU School of Landscape Architecture and to be shared with the community...

Read the rest of the story...

Also, this weekend, I am taking a little trip to Natchez, Mississippi. The Fall Pilgrimage is taking place right now, so I am bringing my recently rediscovered 35mm SLR and lots of film and get to see more than a handful of beautiful historic southern homes, and tour a few as well. I can't wait...


This weekend is going to be full, so it is safe to say I will be out of the office from noon today until late Monday night. I will reply to all day-lab.com order related emails, especially those sent on Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend! :)


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