Dream Auction


So, for a minute last week, when I read about this auction, I actually looked into plane ticket prices to Indiana. I really wish I could go. If any of you are in Indianapolis, Indiana please go (it's tomorrow), take lots of pictures and report back to me about every little detail. That way, I can live through you vicariously for a little while, instead of whining about how we never have auctions like this here.

Even in the mess that you will see in the pictures of the estate, I saw at least 15 things that made my heart skip a beat. I can't believe all that was in there...I wish I knew the back story:

Auctioneer's Note: Auctions of this caliber rarely come to market. At first there were only paths through this Meridian Kessler Estate. Every room was fully packed. We will sell all day in two rings Great Victorian Furniture, 1000’s of pieces of glass, Fine Porcelains, 100+ lots of Stoneware & Crocks, Estate Gold & Costume Jewelry, Ephemera, Nice Pottery, Sterling, 150 Victorian Prints & so much more. We hope to see you at the auction!

Link to auction info and tons and tons of photographs of the estate: Large Multi Generation Discovery Auction

It looks like some crazy kind of Grey Gardens situation, doesn't it?


Oh, I do love both Edies so much.



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