Assassin Bugs, Bulbs, Brick Finds


This week so far in digital snapshots...the spare minutes here and there in between the work:

1.) I spied on the turtles in the lake.

2.) I just realized Monarch Caterpillars have been feasting on my Butterfly Weed this week, and they are getting huge.


3.) I discovered that what I thought was a brick border to a plant bed (which I previously labeled Patio Bed), is really a little brick palette for a BBQ pit. This is the area right behind the Brick Patio (behind the chair in the photo):

After a little clearing:

And more clearing:

There is actually a wood (now rather rotten) bordered bed behind it, which once contained roses, according to a plant label I found there today also, with some BBQ pit remnants that are old and rusty and were buried under at least 3 inches of debris:


4.) I noticed that the Muck Sunflowers which have not fallen down, due to their own weight or from vines, are now towering at 8 to 12 feet:

5.) I noticed that my Muscari Bulbs that I planted a couple weeks ago, which I wrote about over HERE, are growing and growing. I am relieved.


6.) Realized that the weather has been so nice, that I wish I could be outside all day long.


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