Lowrider Hunting Pearl


I bought Pearl a harness and leash a couple weeks ago. I figure if I start when she's young, she will be a cat that isn't freaked out by car rides or going outside (on a leash). I kind of feel sorry for cats that are always inside, and so, this was my solution.

Every morning for the past few days I have been taking her out on the leash. She has grown to love it so much in that short amount of time, that when it is time to come in she throws a temper tantrum, just like the tantrums she throws when she loses a bug she is attacking. They get away some how and she looks and looks for it for 30 minutes straight, moaning and fussing..and it is really rather funny. So, now, when we come inside she does this same moaning and fussing at the door.

When she's outside she stays low to the ground, and it makes her look like a really long cat/ferret hybrid..and she slinks along and hunts..making that crazy teeth chattering death bite sound (that some cats tend to make) when she spots a bird in the tree or a lizard, squirrel, bug on the ground. She's so serious out there...it's amusing to me:

She still doesn't meow, and I don't think she ever will. She purrs very loudly..and whines..and chirps when she's playing...but no meowing. I looked this up and found this is common in some cats, like the Chartreux. She shares a lot of the little quirky traits, both physical and behavorial, of this breed actually. I am thinking she has to be either half Chartreux or a Long Haired Chartreux. She has even started to develop that weird little round tuft of hair around her face, like the Chartreux...it's cute.

Back to work for me....

Have a great weekend!


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