Cleo Declawed?


A quick entry b/c I need some info and advice. As you may or may not know, I have never had cats until very recently (always had dogs). So, I am learning and really don;t know too much about cats.

Our stray Cleo is doing so well. I have been keeping her outside b/c she had skin issues etc, and I didn't want her passing anything on to my cats etc. Plus, I don't think it would be plausible for us to keep 3 cats inside currently. So, the plan has been to get her healthy and then try to place her.

Yesterday, while outside with her, I noticed she is declawed! I was shocked, b/c the vet didn't mention this and she knew we were going to be keeping her outside (not just shocked...but upset at the negligence on the vet's part for not noticing or not relaying this info if she did).

I do know declawed cats can't defend themselves and should never ever be outside. maybe this also explains why she doesn't cover up after she uses the bathroom?

I looked into declawing online yesterday, and some people mentioned that declawed cats have behavioral problems, won't use a littler box b/c they can't properly cover with no claws, are more aggressive, very insecure, and are the hardest to place due to all these issues.

Well, Cleo is a lover and not at all aggressive, as far as I can tell. But I am worried about the litter thing...and for the time being about her being outside by herself!

She is really good about not ever leaving the yard (I think she is scared to and she doesn't like walking in the grass much), she rarely leaves the porch even. I was thinking I may be able to keep her confined at night inside the screened-in porch with a litter box and try to litter train her, while keeping her protected from raccoons, opossums etc. until we can place her.

I don't know what else to do....(I am home 98% of the time during the day and do check on her periodically throughout the day, and sometimes take my work outside or on the porch so I can give her some company, this is why I am more concerned about the night time).

I am shocked also that her previous owner cared enough about her own things to have this cat declawed, but perhaps didn't care enough about the health of this cat to not have her spayed. I don't understand people sometimes.

Anyway, If any of you have any experiences or info on declawing..declawed cats..what I should expect etc...the issues etc. I would REALLY appreciate it.

This is not an open forum for the pros and cons of declawing or any debates about it, please. She has been declawed by her previous owner; it's done. I personally wouldn't ever declaw my cats...so all I need right now is info on her current state and what I can do to best help her...deal with this etc.

Oh, and is it O.K. for declawed cats to be around non-declawed cats?

Here are some pictures from yesterday..she looks like a different cat. Her eyes look healthy, the fur on her head has grown back in, she is still tiny but is filling out sooo well. She is so sweet and just wants love and pets (she head butts me constantly...and I love it).



Lillian said...

I don´t know much about declawed cats unfortunately... but I´m so impressed how good she looks now compared to the first pics! I love that you do all this for her. And I do think your plan sounds good.
On another note, your darling Pearl is so cute. I once had a cat who looked exactly like her and she was a tomboy, too!
What is more, i love your blog. It makes me want to travel to Louisiana NOW (I´m in Europe). Your area is so beatiful.
Oh and your house is lovely. I hope the financial issues are solved as the post is down and everything is ok with you and your little family!

day-lab Blog said...


-yes, Cleo does look so good these past few days, which means she has to be feeling better too, thank goodness. :)

-Pearl...yes, beautiful but a tough, bullying little tomboy..i love it though, she is too funny and endlessly entertaining to watch.

-Louisiana is uniquely beautiful, like no other place on earth..and i do recommend it as a stop if you ever come to the states.

-and thank you for your well wishes. you know how it goes, sometimes unexpected expenses come up at the worst possible times (like when all your other bills for the month are due)! We did sell the bed, which we weren't using anyway, and it helped immensely...and I got to keep the couch (which I am pretty relieved about, after all). :)



stuffed said...

I had a roomie with 2 declawed cats. They got along fine with mine. They were super sweet and always used the litterbox. The relationships between the cats didn't seem to have anything to do with who had claws and who didn't. I think the declawed cats put more muscle into their swats to make up for the lack of claws.

I once potty trained a former outdoor cat. He took to the catbox right away. The only problem: He would pooh in the bathtub overnight or when left alone. The only way to stop it was to keep the door closed.


Jessica said...

hi Amy! first let me say I love reading your blog (which I found via design*sponge) and seeing the progress you've made with your home (the kitchen's gorgeous).

I've had a lot of cats over the years, some declawed and some not, and I haven't observed that the ones without claws behave any differently than the ones with claws.

it just depends on the personality of the cat. and Chloe seems very sweet, I'm sure she will adjust well to a new home.

and weird, my brother has a cat who refuses to cover up his poop too. (sigh) he's kind of a diva...

hilary said...

your blog, and day-lab, are wonderful! your photos of your house are so lovely.
i think the previous comments on declawed cats are right --it will vary from cat to cat how they react to being declawed. she may be just fine around other cats, particularly lovingly cared for, indoor cats. i'd imagine she'd have a really hard time out in the street without her claws, but that shouldn't prevent her from adapting to a caring indoor life, including a litter box. i hope you can find a good home for her! your care for her and for pearl and minou is admirable.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Perhaps her paws are sore and that's why she doesn't use the litter? I think some declawed cats have problems, while others may not.

If there is a rescue group in your area dedicated to cat rescue, perhaps someone there could provide more information?

Best of luck with her! She's lovely.