Bedroom Work Almost Done....


Well, we got very close to being done for Lo's birthday, which is today.
Here are some progress photos.

Pearl is a ham and poses any chance she can get.


We moved the old bird branch to above the closet.
I also installed a little hanger for a fabric what-not holder.


We found these faux bamboo frames from 1983, which were blue and had ugly country-cute pictures in them. We painted them black and put some pink and white damask wrapping paper in them.


I found these plastic frames at goodwill for 35 cents each about a year ago. I had already painted 2 black and 1 yellow. So, we painted the other two pink, and filled them all with fun and loud fabric scraps I had around, as well as some of the fabric we will be making into throw pillows. We will be adding a lot more yellow to her drapes and the room in general so the middle one should tie all that together in the end.
**I still need to paint the bed**


We put up her magnetic board and some cork squares above the desk.


The tv area is on its way, but not done completely. Until we can get another armoire/tv cabinet she is using an old microwave cart. She likes it, and that is what is important.

Next to the TV cart is a little corner where she has her dress form, baskets for hair accessories, jewelry etc. are.(and to the right of that is her dresser which I have not even started yet, but will soon).

Above, where the white X is, is where we will put this repainted cityscape necklace and accessory holder. She has had it since she was 4, but it was looking babyish so we decided to turn it into a night-cityscape. It is drying as I type.



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stuffed said...

Too cool. Love the what not holder on the thingie. :0)