Voodoo Lily


I've been taking a break from working on projects inside the house, and working on the outside of the house.

I had to get a book, which came in today, b/c I know nothing about plants or gardening.

I was just browsing through it, trying to identify some plants in the backyard, and came across the Voodoo Lily.

According to my book, each summer the Voodoo Lily produces a single inflorescence. The fragrance this emits is an unforgettable odor (the breath of the Devil it is called).....but it last only a day. The carrion stench attracts flies, its chief pollinators. It rests a month, then produces a huge single leaf, which lasts the rest of the summer.

They vary in size from small to absolutely-frighteningly-outer-space-feed-me-seymour-ginormous:

So creepy.

I want one.




Anonymous said...

Wow, what a crazy flower!!

Thanks for posting these cool photos!!

Jen said...

I have one of these. Do they really get that big?