Oh, Britney....


I was standing in the line at the grocery yesterday and noticed that the new Allure with Britney Spears on the cover was out. I grabbed it instantly, b/c I have to admit I have some strange fascination with her outfits, hair, make-up over the past few months. Every time I see a new picture of her she looks pretty different from the time before (and this is not a mean spirited observation..I am no fashion queen myself. you can find me 90% of the time in public with my paint stained jeans, old t-shirt, and holey sneakers that are 5 years too old)...but I ask myself, does she really like these get-ups? Is it really just shock value? Personal style is one thing, but I don't think that's what it is. It changes too drastically from one day to the next...too hodgepodge as well (of course, I could be wrong).

Anyway, I was pretty amazed to see the Allure shoot. She actually looks like a real person, without all the shiny, fish-netty, over done makeup, crazy hats, hair concoctions,and the rest that she has been doing these days.

The first picture is probably my favorite:


And then, a couple of the Allure pictures:




raya said...

She does look pretty classy...I like the stripped down version of her. I hate knowing though that these photos were probably retouched like crazy to make her look that way..damn those fashion magazines ; )

day-lab Blog said...

yes, retouched photos. but still, her face looks so much nicer without out that crap make-up on it, you know? and the hair...even though a wig, is low key and looks so nice too. :)