It's Good to be Home


Well after several airport delays I am home, 4 or more hours later than planned. It is super late and I am going directly to bed so I can be well rested enough to get a HUGE update done tomorrow of the new jewelry stock. I have to play catch up a bit first with orders, since being out of town set me back a little. I am very excited to get to the update though, so tomorrow I will work work work to get it all done.

I love the East Coast a lot. I love it so much, I consider moving there at least once a month. This trip though, I finally figured out what it is that I always kinda feel is missing from parts of the East Coast that i have seen: the South's Live Oaks draped with moss lining and canopying the streets...and all the beautiful Cypress trees and knees in the swamps and lakes.

The East Coast may have actual seasons with some of the most beautiful fall foliage I have ever seen...but how will I ever be able to give up the trees...the swamps...the backyard animals...

It is good to be home.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for updates!


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