Kitchen Chalkware + Window Panels


Over the weekend I finished 2 panels for the 2 full sized windows in the kitchen, and with what was left over I made some mini-curtains for the window above the sink.

The kitchen doesn't get much light (which you can probably tell from the pictures), so I didn't want heavy drapes or room darkening pulls/shades. I figured just making my version of a cafe curtain/panel, which covers only the bottom sash, would allow light to constantly come through the top sash and at the same time keep outside eyes from seeing in...so privacy+light is accomplished at the same time:


I also put the 1950's chalkware birds, that I finished touching up over the weekend
on the soffit:


Hope to get more done in there this coming weekend.

Oh, and Pearl got a clean bill of health this morning!


Back to work...lots to do.

I updated a lot over the weekend and will be updating
over the week too....so be sure to stay tuned:



Anabela said...

What a little beauty!

Breanna said...

Can I ask where you got the fabric from for the kitchen windows?

day-lab Blog said...


The fabric is Marimekko, and I got it a few months ago at Finn Style during their Marimekko Fabric Sale. :)

Maryland Mom said...

Love your cheery kitchen! Found the blog because I was looking for info on how to clean/restore old chalkware. Any tips you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!