Reese's Pieces and Cute with Chris


The past week has been a tough one, obviously.
We miss Bailey immensely...and right now it doesn't feel like the missing and the sadness will ever lessen, but we know it will eventually. :)

Today I am getting back to work and I just want to thank you all for your patience and understanding..kind emails and comments. I appreciate it so much.

Some orders were pushed back by 2 days, but everything will be back on schedule on Monday of this week. And please email me if you need to know the status of your order! I apologize for the delays.

Without the unhealthy doses of Reese's Pieces and Cute With Chris episodes I think this past week would have been a lot harder for me.

So, thank you...Reese's Pieces and Chris Leavins for making me feel a whole lot better over the past few days:


I came across this first Cute With Chris video while mindlessly searching for Japanese Androids and Robots on YouTube.com Wednesday. The second is a favorite:

ROBOT CAT--cute with chris #107


Chris recites T-PAIN-- cute with chris #121:


Back to work for me.

**I will be updating the site with some new jewelry later this evening, so be sure to check back soon.**


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