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Ryan recently put up some amazing vintage comics on www.night-lab.com. I just haven't had the time to look through them on the site as a group until today. It's a fantastic little growing collection.

Some were comics Ryan and I picked up because they had a nice design (I like to FRAME them and hang them on the walls..they make spaces unique.) or made us laugh a lot (the old Superman comics are bizarre and hysterical..)

Some were just too bizarre to not pick up, like Jack T. Chick's comics full of frightening Christian scareology. Remember those like Jack Chick pamphlets? I have a slew of the little tracts I kept for pure amusement from when I was a teenager. They all looked like this in format:

Well, the big comics are even better, more frightening and funny than you can imagine..full of stories about devil worshipers, country bumpkin druids, hedonistic disco freaks, the satanism of rock music....just to name a few :

You can check the rest out at:

night-lab.com Vintage Comics



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